Yeizzy Clitoral Licking G Spot Vibrating & Swinging Stimulator



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Clitoral Licking G Spot Vibrating & Swinging Stimulator

Happy fusion: With our 2-in-1 clitoral and G-spot vibrator, you can experience blended climaxes.
Double the pleasure with simultaneous clit and labia action.
Perfect for multi-angle stimulation thanks to its flexible design.
The silence of seduction: Whisper quiet for discreet, undisturbed pleasure.
Multiple pleasures: 9 tongue modes for everything from soft to wild.
A waterproof miracle: Perfect for aquatic adventures with IPX7 rating.

Description of Yeizzy Swinging Stimulator

Vibrating & Swinging Stimulator
Clitoral Licking G Spot

Features of Yeizzy Clitoral Licking G Spot Vibrating & Swinging Stimulator

With our 2-in-1 Clitoral & G-Spot Vibrator, you will enter a world of unparalleled pleasure. The vibrator is designed to target both the clitoris and G-spot simultaneously for a holistic experience. Its unique tongue-licking design doubles the pleasure, pampering both your clit and labia. Its flexible construction allows it to conform to your body. It provides multi-angle stimulation that hits all the right spots. To ensure your intimate moments remain private and uninterrupted, embrace the art of silent seduction with its whisper-quiet operation. With 9 different tongue-licking modes, from gentle teasing to wild excitement, you can explore the many pleasures it offers. Our vibrator is also IPX7 rated, making it the perfect companion for those who like to take their pleasures into the water.


▷ Features: Clitoral, Licking, G-Spot, Vibrating, Swinging
▷ Function: Vibrating, Swinging
▷ Frequency: 9 Frequencies
▷ Color: Red
▷ Material: Silicone
▷ Waterproof: IPX7
▷ Mute: <60 dB
▷ Charging Time: 80 mins
▷ Run Time: 50 mins
▷ Size: 7*3.3 in
▷ Weight: 0.37 lbs
▷ Inlet Diameter: 1.18 in


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