Fancy Pink Clitoral Pump


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Want it plump? Want it to get undivided attention? Let’s do it with our chic pink clitoris pump. If you want to make your pussy look like a porn star in the blink of an eye, this pump is going to do the trick! Just sit back and let us show you how it does just that.

The complete product includes mug, hose and handpump. The elliptical shape of the cup mouth measures 4.13 inches in length and 1.85 inches in width. To ensure maximum comfort when you bury it against your skin while sucking, it has smooth, rounded edges. For lingering stimulation after pumping, there is a soft tongue-like protrusion in the center surrounded by equally soft spikes.

For maximum comfort, it is made of silicone to mimic a human touch. You will be ecstatic when you turn on the vibrator after you suck. And why is that? Because a swollen clit and swollen vaginal lips are super sensitive to stimulation.

You know how it works. Quick pumping, slow release. You can operate the hand pump with one hand. Once you’ve created the desired seal and vacuum, grab the valve and turn it to slowly release the air. The Pump is made of ABS, a tough material that resists getting knocked and banged.

The tube and cup are manufactured from silicone, a popular material used in sex toys that’s safe on the human body. This high-quality material is not ideal for bacteria build-up because it is non-porous.

Remove the vibrator first to wash the pussy cup. Lather it up with a mild soap and rub every part of the vibrator with your hands. Rinse and let it dry natural. Store your vibrator in a safe place, ready for your next use.

Get more blood pumping to your vaginal lips and clit with this amazing toy and you’ll have a super pornstar coochie so sensitive you’ll be moaning at the slightest touch. Buy now for immediate enjoyment!

MaterialCup & Tube – Silicone
Hand Pump – ABS
Cup – 4.13 inches (10.5 cm)
Tube – 23.62 inches (60 cm)
Hand Pump – 6.3 inches (16 cm)
Width/Diameter: 1.85 inches (4.7 cm)


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