7 Thrusting Modes Heating Masturbator Cup


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Heating Masturbator Cup

Get the strongest impact with the special thrust function
7 thrust modes to feel the stimulation
Glide your penis for more pleasure with the rich particles
From the earphone jack, listen to the sexy voice
Make it easier to enter the channel by applying a lot of lubricant inside
Female Vaginal Temperature Simulation
Inside the tunnel, feel the wetness and heat

Video of 7 Thrusting Masturbator Cup


Modes Heating
Masturbator Cup

Features of 7 Thrusting Modes Heating Masturbator Cup

[7 THRUSHING MODES ]The special thrusting function will give you the most powerful impact force. This is definitely not a gentle woman at all. She’s super horny. She craves your penis. Feel the stimulation of your clitoris with 7 different modes of thrusting power as you penetrate the deepest part of your vagina. Give yourself more pleasure as the rich particles slide on your penis.

[HEATING] Apply a lot of lubricant inside. You will be able to enter the channel more easily and feel the uneven particles inside more easily. Turn on your child’s heater. This is a simulation of a woman’s real vaginal temperature. Feel the most realistic sex as you feel the wet and hot inside the tunnel.

[To enjoy this sexy sound exclusively, you can plug in the headphones. You will feel more exciting when you hear the sexy voice coming from the earphone jack.

The toy is easy to take apart and you can directly take out the inside of the toy. To clean the inside of the toy, use a toy cleaning solution or warm water. Dry the toy, put it back together and store it.


▷ Product Name: 7 Thrusting Modes Heating Masturbator Cup
▷ Material: ABS, TPE
▷ Color: Black & Red
▷ Waterproof: Non-waterproof
▷ Type: Vagina
▷ Function: Thrusting, Heating, Moaning
▷ Frequency: 7 Thrusting Modes
▷ Power Type: USB Rechargeable
▷ Size: 14.3*3.34in
▷ Weight: 1.66lb
▷ Packing List: Product x1; USB Cable x1; Instruction x1


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