Soft Adjustable Red Sex Swing



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When you have been together for a number of years, things can get so familiar in the bedroom. And we are all familiar with that. With familiarity comes monotony and boredom.

With our Soft Adjustable Red Sex Swing, you can break free from the ordinary and live out your Kama Sutra fantasies. You can enjoy a variety of sex positions you never thought possible with this luxurious swing.

This novelty is sure to increase the sexual excitement by combining two of your favorite things, sex and swinging. The two main straps, including the stirrups, are covered with thick, velvety red padding. This provides excellent comfort and versatility. Defy the laws of gravity and allow yourself to be suspended in the air while you receive all the lovin’ you want!

It’s a swing that allows you to place the attachment points far apart, giving you more room to move and minimizing cramps in your butt. For the curvy ladies out there, this feature is also ideal.

For added stability and safety, dual mounts are also available. Use a sex swing stand for ease of installation, but if you want this to be a mainstay in your play room, have someone install the hooks on the ceiling for you. Go ahead and hang it from tree trunks if you like your adventures in the woods!

You’ll enjoy more than a dozen sex positions if you let your imagination run wild! Without pulling a muscle, you can indulge in blissful vaginal penetration, oral sex, and anal sex. Take all the delicious stimulation with your legs wide open!

Exploring exciting positions doesn’t require the agility of an acrobat or contortionist. This swing makes everything easy for you and your partner.

Remember that the best sexual adventure is one without any harmful or unpleasant incidents, so always check the locks and straps first before actually getting mounted. Before the deed, make sure that your limbs are properly attached to the loops. It does not look sexy to fall off a sex swing!

You’re sure to enjoy Missionary, Doggy, Reverse Cowgirl and 69 while hanging on to your swing. Height and alignment will never be a problem with the quick adjustment feature.

Can’t wait to get fucked while you swing? Order yours now!


ColorReds traps and black harness
Nylon Web
Dimensions (inches)
Length Adjustable
Width N/A
Maximum Load Bearing Capacity 176 lbs (80kg)
NoteSwing bar not included


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