Kayla 7.7lb Fair Skin Youth Life-sized Realistic Butt



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Fair Skin Youth Life-sized Realistic Butt

Incomparable visual temptation with lifelike plump hips.
Explore the sweetness of a shy teenage girl in supine and doggy positions.
Banish loneliness with 2 independent channels that perfectly mimic your girlfriend.
Realistic details will get your dick aroused right away.
Made of TPE material, soft and snug fit without hurting your sensitive skin.
100% water resistant and easy to clean.

Video of Kayla Realistic Butt


7.7lb Fair Skin Youth
Life-sized Realistic Butt

Features of Kayla 7.7lb Fair Skin Youth Life-sized Realistic Butt

Do you still feel lonely when you are separated from you spouse? Have trouble spending time alone? Then, in order to calm down your sudden sensuality, you need a caring toy. That’s exactly what we can offer. This beautiful vagina toy comes in a supine position, with a very high degree of simulating the skin texture of the private parts. The inner walls of the vagina and anus have strings, bumps, and spikes that gradually increase your enjoyment. Think of the sexy student lying on her back on the bed, lifting her short skirt with her fingers. Her dark pink pussy is revealed as her legs are lifted slightly. Waiting for your wild piercing, two sweet little holes seem to open and close. You can’t wait to rush forward and take her down, you’re already imagining the virgin-like, tightly wrapped dick. She keeps complaining and begging you to double up on what you’re doing. Oh, how delicious she is! Your hands can knead the whole buttocks while your brother is being comforted. You can feel the real skin touch with the highly elastic TPE material. In addition, it is also completely waterproof. That means you can enjoy the bath game as much as you enjoy a wonderful bath with your sexy lover.

Tip: For the best experience, use lubricant.


▷ Product Name: 7.7lb Coed in Supine Real-Feel Skin Youth Pussy Ass Realistic Butt
▷ Material: TPE
▷ Color: Flesh
▷ Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
▷ Type: Vagina/Anus
▷ Size: 12.59 x 6.89 x 6.89”
▷ Weight: 7.7Lb
▷ Packing List: Product x1; Instruction x1


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